About Us

First of all... You are probably wondering what in the world Get Fleeked Up means? Right?

This is the most common question we get. Get Fleeked Up means to basically stay on point with everything you own.

Remember the eyebrows on fleek video? It meant her eyebrows were on point and looked good so that is how we came up with the name because lets face it, people still talk about eyebrows being on fleek or something else that is on fleek. So it simply means to be on point or look good.

Get Fleeked Up keeps you on fleek from anything from your electronics to your clothes. Your pets can even Get Fleeked Up here! 

Get Fleeked Up strives to maintain a high level of satisfaction to our customers. If you ever have a problem with an order please reach out to our team through email or by phone and we will get it resolved for you.

contact@getfleekedup.com or 1-864-777-0150

-Get Fleeked Up Team